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Changes for This Season

Some notable changes for this season:

50A will be for 7-8 year olds

50B will be for 4-6 year olds

The 85 class will be split into 2 classes

7-11 year olds

12-16 year olds

The age is as of Jan 1, 2020:

So if your kid turned 7 in March this year they are still considered a 6 year old. Also we will be moving some riders up.

The following people will be moving up this year.

D class moving to C class

  • Ash Welin
  • Angelina Mccaffery
  • Val Belcher
  • Dion Forget
  • Kyle Hritzuk
  • Nic Siewiertoka

C class moving to B class:

  • Tyler Cey
  • Tyne Cole
  • Dylan Ganter
  • Brett Bodnarchuk
  • Derek Jensen

B Class moving to A Class:

  • Barrett Forget
  • Ian Griffith

This is going by our rules set forth in the rule book. You will be moved accordingly for the Vet and Youth classes as well.

Thanks and more info coming!