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Saskatoon Track n trail (Otopasso MX Park)

The main event track is composed of a 42-position starting gate with concrete starting pads. Start line to first turn funnels down to a 30-foot wide right turn, long left angle, a small lifter and a downhill landing. This track is all sand and is ever changing, the obstacles usually come in the form of newly acquired whoops that have little to no rhythm, and these obstacles will change from week to week. Emphasis is usually placed on shorter straits and high-speed berms on most corners. Bermed corners can be taken high at higher speeds and low side for cutting and passing.

For the young riders just entering into the sport of off road motorcycling and motocross racing, there is no better place to make you debut than Otopasso. Beginning your riding at Otopasso is a breeze for most kids and there is a special track designed to accommodate most at entry level. The 50s and 60s track is located on the south side of the main area and consists of slightly hilly terrain and is completely in view of the entire spectator area.