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COVID19 Guidelines

Well we did it ! Final Race is this weekend in unity! Another long post but please read it all. You have all been doing great! Year end trophies handed out after the races!

COVID19 Guidelines: Please Read.

– Please do not attend if you are feeling sick or have been traveling in the last 14 days.

-Spectators still being kept to a very minimum. Trying to keep it to family. And race support. Non racers coming with you will have to pre register to get in as well. Don’t forget this part! They won’t be allowed through the gate without having pre registered.

– Lets keep parking orderly I think we do a great job of parking So let’s keep it up.

– We will have riders meeting at 8:30. We will have a loudspeaker and a microphone. We can distance out and still hear. Riders meeting is mandatory.

– Staging at the start line may be different dependent on rider entries per class

– this will be updated at riders meeting. No clustering before or after your race.

– Tophies will be handed out after the races are over. Sorry we can’t do them sooner, but our scorekeepers are busy until the last race is over.

-Happy to say that we will have a food truck here this weekend!

– As always, social distance.

– If you can not follow these rules, please do not attend or you will be asked to leave.

**** Non Covid stuff****

The rule book is updated and on the Midwest site. Please read it if you have any questions. It covers most stuff for day to day racing.

When signing up we need the names of everyone coming with that person, under additional people. So if you sign up Johnny and his parents are both coming too, you need to indicate that in the race registration. You DO NOT need to put Johnny again.

That being said EVERYONE who is coming through the gates needs to sign a waiver. THIS ONLY NEEDS TO BE DONE ONCE PER SEASON.




You can only sign up for Saturday’s race.