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Go to iRaceReady.com to create your account, if you don’t have one already. You can add your whole family under one account, along with multiple bikes to make registration that much more simple.

Sticker transponders are required for this event. If you do not already have one, you can purchase when you register.

Please ensure if you are racing both days that you sign up for each!

*NEW MEMBERSHIPS still need to be purchased on our website (www.midwestamateurmx.ca)

1)When registering, please make sure to SELECT a Medic Fee for each rider, as well as gate fees for anyone coming through the gate with your party (rider gate fee is included in race fee)

2)Make sure that you select and purchase a $10.00 transponder sticker for every rider you are registering if you do not already have one! This sticker will be placed under the riders visor or behind the number plate. Riders can have multiple transponders assigned to them! (Please note- only RaceReady barcode sticker transponders will work with this system- if you have one from Calgary or CAMS they will work with us!) if you do not have a sticker, you will NOT be scored.

** 50 4-6 and 7-8 will still be done manually, 50 Open will need a transponder!

3)All Transponder stickers will be available to be picked up every Friday night before race day- or in the morning before riders meeting.

4)waivers need to be signed

Please be patient as this is a learning curve for our board as well! Looking forward to this roll out and what it will bring to our series!